constant current led injection module

Injection LED Module with lense


Constant current LED Injection Module SR-6015-3X5050, same as 5050 LED Module SR-4415-2X5050 is integrated with IC driver and designed by lense. With the constant current IC driver, The SMD 5050 injection LED Modulescan better protected against overvoltage and over current and avoid voltage decay. It could enable wide voltage input, make it range 6~16V. The constant current injection LED Module have better consistency of brightness.

5050 constant current LED Injection module with 155 degree angle are perfect suitable for slim LED Channe Letter and ideal replacement for neon and other traditional lighting. It features high brightness, saving more energy, easier installation, free repair and maintance, and Long lifespan.

5050 constant current led Modules are widely applied in LED illuminated advertising, signage, channel letter, lighting box, medium and large area for led backlighting.

Constant Current LED Injection Modules 

Part NO: SR-6015-3X5050


• Powered by Top quality Tri-led 5050SMD;10*23mil chip, 20-22Lumen/LED;
• With 95% transmission lense, Viewing angle 155°;
• Based as Aluminum PCB design, better heat dissipation;
With Constant Current LED Driver Method, 40pcs per chain;
Same Bin, Uniform Color,NO Shadow,
• Includes double sided 3M Tapes for Installation;
• Low light fade, >50,000 hours lifespan;
• CE&ROHS provided, 3 years warranty LED Module;


PART NO Color LED Qty Input Voltage CCT/NN Power Lumen IP Rated
SR-6015-3NW5050 Nature Whtie 3pc 5050SMD DC12V 6000~6500K 0.72W 66~72Lm IP67
SR-6015-3WW5050 Warm Whtie 3pc 5050SMD DC12V 2800~3500K 0.72W 60~72Lm IP67
SR-6015-3CW5050 Cool Whtie 3pc 5050SMD DC12V 7000~12000K 0.72W 60~72Lm IP67
SR-6015-3B5050 Blue 3pc 5050SMD DC12V 465~475nm 0.72W 10.5Lm IP67
SR-6015-3G5050 Green 3pc 5050SMD DC12V 515~525nm 0.72W 30Lm IP67
SR-6015-3Y5050 Yellow 3pc 5050SMD DC12V 585~595nm 0.72W 18Lm IP67
SR-6015-3R5050 Red 3pc 5050SMD DC12V 620~630nm 0.72W 21Lm IP67

TECHNICAL PARAMETER:                                    

  • Viewing Angle: 155° ;
  • Maximum quantity in serial connection: 40pcs/chain;
  • With Constant Driver Controlling IC;
  • Operating Temperature: -40~+60 degree Celsius;
  • Lumen Maintenance:>98%@5,000hrs;
  • Dimension:L60*W15*H6.8mm;


cosntant current led module with lense 5050

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